Hi there, this is Harlow and I am sending the content through for Horses At Home! I did send this through on WhatsApp but thought I would email it too incase you didn’t get it.

This is a bit about me:

Hey there, everyone! I’m Harlow Lesko, a 14-year-old show rider based in Victoria. I’ve been fortunate enough to ride my amazing galloway Larry, also known as Yeoway LJ, for the past 2 years. Together, we’ve achieved some incredible milestones like qualifying for Grand Nationals in my rider and Larry’s child’s class. I also won the Good Hands Challenge at the 2023 VAS Saddle Horse Championships!

Beyond the show ring, my cousin Briah and I have a TikTok account called ‘Ash-Diaz Show Horses,’ where we share our passion for horses and document our journey as show riders. It’s been a rewarding experience connecting with fellow equestrians and showcasing our love for these magnificent animals.

Looking ahead, my ambitions are set on continuing to excel in the show arena. I also have a dream of working with a young horse, nurturing its potential and watching it grow into a champion.

Thank you all for your support, and I can’t wait to embark on this exciting ambassadorship with Horse at Home!

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