Hey everyone! My name is Sienna Zwar, I’m 18 years old and live in Berry NSW. I used to be a competitive show jumper and eventer, but after having neck surgery it’s no longer safe for me to jump. I am now putting my focus on dressage and becoming a para equestrian, as well as sharing my experiences living with disabilities. I am currently training my 5 year old quarter horse x paint ‘Atlas’ to become my dressage horse! I also have Apple, a new forest pony, who I have competed to elementary level. Atlas and I are competing preliminary dressage and training for novice/elementary at home. I would say my proudest achievement was winning state Interschools for combined training, and getting 4th at Nationals. I also enjoy lots of trail riding and spending time with the horses in general. Not only do I ride horses, but I am also training my miniature horse to become a therapy pony! Puzzle stands at only 30 inches tall, but she still has plenty of personality. She is trick trained, house trained and loves attention!

I’ve owned Horses at Home rugs since the beginning. If I had to pick a favourite rug, I would say either the rip stop summer rugs or the stable doonas! The rip stop rugs are great, they last significantly longer than most rugs, and are perfect for ‘rug wreckers’. The material is light, yet strong, perfect for both summer and winter. Personally I love the way the horses look in the Horses At Home stable doonas, I have one for all 4 of my horses, including the ones that are outside 24/7. They are a great additive to your winter stable wardrobe. After supporting this local business for many years, I am very happy to be apart of the Horses At Home team!”