For the body length of the rug, measure an existing rug from the middle of the chest to the end of the rug.

The back seam measurement is from the top of the wither until the end before the tailflap.

Cotton Rug Size Chart

Size Body Length Back Length
3’0 92cm 70cm
3’3 99cm 76cm
3’6 107cm 83cm
3’9 114cm 89cm
4’0 122cm 95cm
4’3 130cm 100cm
4’6 138cm 105cm
4’9 146cm 110cm
5’0 154cm 115cm
5’3 161cm 121cm
5’6 168cm 128cm
5’9 176cm 135cm
6’0 183cm 145cm
6’3 191cm 150cm
6’6 198cm 155cm
6’9 207cm 160cm
7’0 217cm 167cm